MyDeMoulin.com and the DeMoulin UMS software are provided to you free of charge with limited support. We only offer personalized technical support for the UMS software via email or chat. We do not offer telephone support on this software. For help with your software, please first look through the FAQ and Tech Support sections of this website. If you cannot find your answer there, please email techsupport@demoulin.com.

Your first avenue for help with the software should be the built-in help system.  It is designed to give you tips and pointers along the way.  If you cannot find the help you need there, please contact us for support at techsupport@demoulin.com or via our online chat.

The software is completely free and available for anyone to download and use. However, it is designed for use with DeMoulin brand uniforms, and therefore may not work consistently in sizing and assigning other brands of garments.

The MyDeMoulin uniform management platform is completely cloud-based and available anywhere you have an internet connection.  It is fully compatible with most web browsers and is also mobile-friendly so you can use it on your preferred mobile device, phone, or tablet.

The MyDeMoulin uniform management platform is completely free for anyone to use. That being said, the garment sizing parameters are designed specifically for DeMoulin uniforms, so you may get inconsistent sizing results if you try to utilize the system with other brand uniform products.

PLEASE NOTE: This technote is specifically for the deprecated UMSv4 software.

You can move data back and forth manually between two computers.  First of all, you will want to make sure you have the software installed on both computers.  Just go to mydemoulin.com/download/ and click on the appropriate version.

To move the database…

On the old computer that has the information you want to transfer, go into Utilities and perform a database backup.  This will create a backup file on your desktop named something like UMS_backup_20100914.USR.  Then, rename the backup file from UMS_backup_20100914.USR to UMS.USR.  You’ll need to transfer this file to the other computer by usb drive, email, etc.

Then, on the new computer that you are transferring to, with the program closed, copy that file into the working directory on the other computer (C:\Program Files\DeMoulin UMS 4\ or Macintosh HD:Applications:UMS).  It should prompt you about overwriting the existing file, click to overwrite.  Launch the program on the new computer and you should see all of your data.

Please note: On some Windows 7 or Windows 8 systems, depending on your security level, the UMS.USR file may be located in a different folder that is modifiable by you. This could be either of:

C:\Users\[your user id]\AppData\Local\DeMoulin UMS 4\

C:\Users\[your user id]\AppData\Roaming\DeMoulin UMS 4\

C:\Users\[your user id]\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\DeMoulin UMS 4\

This is where you would need to copy your backup file to when restoring your data or moving from one computer to another.

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